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1 hr 50 min
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Emmanuelle, a brilliant engineer, is tipped to run a major CAC 40 company. An influential women's network has spotted her and wants to help her become the first woman to occupy such a position. But others want the job and in a world of powerful men no holds are barred...

Director: Tonie Marshall (France, 2016)
With: Emmanuelle Devos (Emmanuelle Blachey), Suzanne Clément (Véra Jacob), Richard Berry (Jean Beaumel), Benjamin Biolay (Marc Ronsin), Sami Frey (Henri Blachey), Francine Bergé (Adrienne Postel-Devaux), Bernard Verley (Jean Archambault), John Lynch (Gary), Jérôme Deschamps (CEO of Theorès)
Genre: comedy drama
Awards: nominations (César 2018, Lumières press awards 2018)