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Nous irons tous au paradis

1 hr 46 min
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Two years have passed since the film "Un éléphant ça trompe énormément". Etienne, Bouly, Simon and Daniel are still in their forties. Business is going well and there are new women to cause them problems. Love, adultery, jealousy, friendship, arguments and laughter all galvanise this happy group of friends who are more surprising, touching and irresistible than ever.

Directed by: Yves Robert (France, 1977)
Cast: Jean Rochefort (Etienne), Claude Brasseur (Daniel), Guy Bedos (Simon), Victor Lanoux (Bouly), Danièle Delorme (Marthe), Marthe Villalonga (Mouchy)
Genre: comedy
Awards: several nominations for the César in 1978.