Notre-Dame du Nil

1 hr 34 min
Available subtitles

A coming-of-age story about of a group of Rwandan schoolgirls at a Belgian-run Catholic boarding school. 

Rwanda, 1973. In the prestigious Catholic boarding school for girls, Notre-Dame du Nil, young Rwandans study to become the country's elite. But beneath the surface calm, racial hatred is growing. Harassment of the Tutsis is commonplace. At the high school, the teenagers are about to see their lives change forever.

Directed by: Atiq Rahimi (France/Belgium, 2018)
Based on the novel by Scholastique Mukasonga.
Cast: Santa Amanda Mugabekazi (Virginia), Albina Sydney Kirenga (Gloriosa), Angel Uwamahoro (Immaculée), Clariella Bizimana (Veronica), Belinda Rubango Simbi (Modesta), Pascal Greggory (Fontenaille), Carole Trévoux (la mère supérieure)
Genre: drama
Awards : Crystal Bear (2020 Berlinale), official selection (2019 TIFF Toronto)