Nos vies formidables

Nos vies formidables

1 hr 57 min
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Thirty-two year-old Margot has just arrived in a rehab centre where she meets Jérémy, Salomé, César, Sonia... They have nothing in common except an urgency to rebuild their lives and recreate the connection with others destroyed by addiction! Because there's always a greater chance of recovering with others, than alone.

Directed by: Fabienne Godet (France, 2017)
Cast: Julie Moulier (Margot), Zoé Héran (Salomé), Bruno Lochet (Pierre), Françoise Pinkwasser (Annette), Camille Rutherford (Lisa), Régis Ribes (Antoine), Jade Labeste (Marion), Véronique Dossetto (Sonia)
Genre: drama