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Based on the true story of Vincent Lacroix. a businessman convicted of defrauding thousands of investors and embezzling over $130 million in early 2000s Quebec.

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Inspector of finance Éric Asselin is tasked with keeping the activities of the Norbourg company under surveillance. Totally fascinated by the sheer audacity of the company's CEO, Vincent Lacroix, Asselin resigns and becomes his right-hand man. Together they embezzle millions of dollars...

Directed by: Maxime Giroux (Canada, 2022)
Screenplay by: Simon Lavoie
Cast: Vincent-Guillaume Otis (Éric Asselin), François Arnaud (Vincent Lacroix), Christine Beaulieu (Anne-Marie Boisvert), Alex Goyette (Carl Bilodeau), Guy Thauvette (Mr Trudel)
Genre: drama