Ne quittez pas !

Ne quittez pas !

1 hr 41 min
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Forty year-old astrophysicist Félix Mandel, finds an old coat that had belonged to his father, Lucien. Hardly has he given the coat to a tramp than Félix's phone rings: it's Lucien and he's hopping mad. Which is all rather strange, given that his father had been dead for two years...

Directed by: Arthur Joffé (France, 2004)
Screenplay by: Arthur Joffé, Guy Zilberstein
Cast: Sergio Castellitto (Félix Mandel), Michel Serrault (the voice of Lucien Mandel), Isabelle Gélinas (Lucie), Rachida Brakni (Yaelle), Dominique Pinon (the tramp), Laszlo Szabo (the tailor), Emily Morgan (Wendy), Tchéky Karyo (Raveu)
Genre: comedy