Napoléon en apparte

Napoléon en apparte

1 hr 19 min
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A thirty-something accountant, Napoléon Leboeuf never knows quite what to do when it comes to women. During a party he falls head-over-heels for Joséphine. Joséphine, beautiful, independent... and with a passion for seeds! Following advice from family and friends, he sets out to win over the beautiful horticulturist.

Directed by: Jeff Denis (Canada, 2018)
Cast: Jean-Michel Girouard (Napoléon), Joëlle Bond (Joséphine), Maxime Robin (Bartho), Denis Marchand (Charles), Jack Robitaille (Louis-Nicolas), Thomas Léger (José), Mary-Lee Picknell (Louise), Claudine Ruelland (Marie), Lise Castonguay (Maria), Maude Brochu (Marie Lion)
Genre: comedy drama