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1 hr 30 min
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Nadia is very proud of her son Noé, who she raises alone in the suburbs and who´s been admitted to a prestigious Parisian high school. To give him the best chance, she moves to Paris and gets in debt to ensure he has everything he needs. Gradually, she becomes a shopaholic...

Directed by: Léa Frazer (France, 2016)
Screenplay: Léa Frazer, Mathilde Henzelin
Cast: Barbara Schulz (Nadia), Thomas Doret (Noé), Arié Elmaleh (Diego), Sabila Moussadek (Carine), Grégory Montel (Sébastien), Nadine Marcovici (Lucienne), David Colombo-Léotard (Max)
Genre: drama
Awards: Best actress (Barbara Schulz), Nouvelle Aquitaine award from readers of "Sud-Ouest", La Rochelle TV drama festival 2016