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Mum's wrong

1 hr 47 min
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Anouk, 14 years-old, begins an observation internship with the insurance company that employs her mother. In this pitiless world of compromise and cowardice, she suddenly discovers the dark side of the person who had brought her up. Revolted by so much inhumanity, the teenager refuses to submit to the system.

Direction, screenplay: Marc Fitoussi (France, 2015)
Cast: Émilie Dequenne (Cyrielle), Jeanne Jestin (Anouk), Nelly Antignac (Bénédicte), Camille Chamoux (Mathilde), Annie Grégorio (Simone), Sabrina Ouazani (Nadia Choukri), Jean-François Cayrey (Blanchard), Grégoire Ludig (the father)
Genre: comedy drama
Awards: presented at the FFA (Angoulême 2016)