Mon cher enfant (Weldi)

1 hr 39 min
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Riadh will soon retire from driving a fork-lift truck on the docks in Tunis. He and Nazli form a closely-knit couple around their only son, Sami, studying for his baccalaureate. His repeated migraines worry his parents. Sami wants to consult a psychiatrist. One day, he disappears without a word...

Directed by: Mohamed Ben Attia (Tunisia/Belgium/France, 2017)
Cast: Mohamed Dhrif (Riadh), Mouna Mejri (Nazli), Zakaria Ben Ayed (Sami), Imen Cherif (Sameh), Taylan Mintas, Tarik Copty
Genre: drama
Awards: in competition (Directors' Fortnight, Cannes, 2018)