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Mission Pays Basque

1 hr 38 min
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Sibylle, an ambitious young Parisian girl, wants to impress her bosses by buying a hardware store in the Basque Country and turning it into a supermarket. She thinks she's fooled the old owner but then discovers he has a guardianship order. Now Sybille needs to deal with Ramon, the nephew...

Directed by: Ludovic Bernard (France, 2017)
Cast: Elodie Fontan (Sybille), Florent Peyre (Ramuntxo), Daniel Prévost (Ferran), Nicolas Bridet (Raphaël), Barbara Cabrita (Aranxa), Ludovic Berthillot (Altzibar), Ilona Bachelier (Mirentxu), Damien Ferdel (Gaëtan), Arièle Semenoff (Jackie), Éric Bougnon (Patxi), Yann Papin (Xabi)
Genre: comedy