Mes jours de gloire

1 hr 34 min
Available subtitles

Once a successful child actor, Adrien is now 27 and hasn't worked for years... Penniless, evicted from his flat, he moves back in with his parent. Trying to find himself, Adrien begins a love affair, but has sexual problems. To advance, the eternal Peter Pan really needs to grow up.

Directed by: Antoine de Bary (France, 2019)
Cast: Vincent Lacoste (Adrien), Emmanuelle Devos (Nathalie), Christophe Lambert (Bertrand), Noée Abita (Léa), Damien Chapelle (Ulysse), Marc Fraize (Antoine), Antoine Poulet (Marc)
Genre: dramedy
Awards: Orizzonti selection (2019 Venice Film Festival)