Max et les ferrailleurs

Max et les ferrailleurs

1 hr 46 min
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Max is obsessed by the idea of arresting wrongdoers red-handed. When he meets up with Abel, an old friend who now lives on what he can plunder with a band of scrap workers, the police officer devises a Machiavellian plan, with the help of Abel's friend Lily, a young prostitute.

Directed by: Claude Sautet (France/Italy, 1970)
Screenplay: Claude Neron, Claude Sautet, J.Loup Dabadie
Cast: Romy Schneider (Lily), Michel Piccoli (Max), Bernard Fresson (Abel), François Périer (Rozinsky), Georges Wilson (le commissaire), Boby Lapointe (P'tit Lu)
Genre: detective story