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Les tribulations d'une caissière

1 hr 42 min
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If Solweig, a supermarket check-out assistant, manages to keep smiling despite a horrible boss and all the disagreeable remarks by customers, it's certainly thanks to her secret blog! Each day she recounts her difficulties with humour. Followed by a limited audience at first, the media begins to take an interest...

Directed by: Pierre Rambaldi (France/Belgium, 2011)
Screenplay: Michel Siksik, based on the novel by Anna Sam.
Cast: Déborah François (Solweig), Elsa Zylberstein (Marie), Nicolas Giraud (Charles), Gilles Cohen (Fred), Firmine Richard (Sandy), Alice Belaidi (Leïla), Jean-Luc Couchard (Mercier), Marc Lavoine (Mr Ferry)
Genre: comedy
Awards: Best actress award for Déborah François (Sarlat 2011)