Les reines de la nuit

Les reines de la nuit

1 hr 21 min
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For them, cross-dressing came as a revelation. Yesterday they were doctors, designers, farmers, today they're actors, dancers, singers... They left everything behind to live their passion for the stage. Far from the glitter and stage lights, the queens of the night drop the mask and share their stories, their hopes.

Directed by: Christiane Spièro (France, 2019)
Cast: Antoine d'Oria (Antoine), Bruno Perard (Eva Carlton), Pascal Papazian (Framboise), Jérôme Mehats (Galipette), Christophe Carlotti (Gia), Philippe Benhamou (Golda), Lulu Barsi (Lulu), Gilles Courant (Lulubelle), Romain Brau (Morian)
Genre: documentary