Les portes de la nuit

1 hr 45 min
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Paris, 1945. Jean finds a fellow supporter from the Resistance whom he had assumed dead. Later, he meets a woman with whom he falls madly in love: Malou. Malou wants to leave her husband, George, a war profiteer. But when Malou's brother catches them together, he goes straight to George...

Directed by: Marcel Carné (France, 1946, black and white)
Cast: Yves Montand (Jean Diego), Nathalie Nattier (Malou), Pierre Brasseur (Georges), Serge Reggiani (Guy Sénéchal), Saturnin Fabre (Mr Sénéchal), Raymond Bussières (Raymond Lécuyer), Jean Vilar (the tramp)
Genre: drama