Les particules

1 hr 38 min
Available subtitles
On the France-Switzerland border, P.A. and his gang are in their final year at high school. Beneath their feet the LHC, the most powerful particle accelerator in the world, generates proton collisions to recreate the conditions of the big bang. As winter sets in, P.A. starts to observe strange phenomena...

Directed by: Blaise Harrison (France/Switzerland, 2018)
Cast: Thomas Daloz (P.A.), Salvatore Ferro (Mérou), Léo Couilfort (Cole), Nicolas Marcant (JB), Néa Lüders (Roshine), Emma Josserand (Léa), Johana Untersinger (Johana), Valder Lärka (Thomas), Liam Gras (Adam)
Genre: drama
Awards: nominations (2019 Directors' Fortnight, 2019 Cannes Film Festival)