Les naufragés

1 hr 30 min
Available subtitles
Jean-Louis Brochard, a financial swindler on the run, and William Boulanger, dry-cleaner with an unfaithful wife, are shipwrecked together on a desert island after a plane crash. Their life together is set to be strained... Particularly as the island, less deserted than it appeared, has plenty of surprises in store!

Directed by: David Charhon (France, 2015)
Cast: Jean-Louis Brochard (Daniel Auteuil), Laurent Stocker (William Boulanger), Julie Ferrier (Charlie), Philippe Morier-Genoud (Joël), Ken Samuels (Fergus), Laurent Bateau (Karl), Julia Faure (Rosario), Laurent Poitrenaux (Daniel)
Genre: comedy