Les héros ne meurent jamais

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1 hr 25 min
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A poignant French drama of a Parisian who travels to Bosnia in search of answers to his past life.

In Paris, Joachim is accosted by a stranger who believes he's a former brother-in-arms. But there's one worrying detail: the soldier concerned apparently died the very same day as Joachim was born. Convinced of being his reincarnation, Joachim decides to leave for Sarajevo on the trail of his previous life...

Directed by: Aude Léa Rapin (France, 2019)
Cast: Adèle Haenel (Alice), Jonathan Couzinié (Joachim), Antonia Buresi (Virginie), Hasija Boric (Hajra), Vesna Stilinovic (Ana Tadic)
Genre: drama
Awards: official selection (Critics' Week, Cannes 2019)