Les éblouis

Les éblouis

1 hr 39 min
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12 year-old Camille, with a passion for circus arts, sees her life turned upside down when her parents join a charismatic church. Gradually the indoctrination becomes sectarian. The young girl sees a new life imposed, isolating her off from the outside world. She will have to fight for her freedom.

Directed by: Sarah Suco (France, 2018)
Cast: Camille Cottin (Christine), Jean-Pierre Darroussin (the Shepherd), Éric Caravaca (Frédéric), Céleste Brunnquell (Camille), Laurence Roy (Grandma), Daniel Martin (Grandpa), Spencer Bogaert (Boris), Benjamin Gauthier (Jean-Marie)
Genre: drama
Awards: nomination (2020 César awards)