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Les drapeaux de papier

1 hr 40 min
Available subtitles

After spending 12 years in prison, a 30-year-old man who has an explosive temper moves in with his younger sister and makes a desperate attempt to reintegrate into society.

At 23 Charlie leads a simple life, dreaming of becoming an artist. When her brother finds her again after a long prison sentence, everything changes. Vincent is 30. How can he fit into a world he no longer recognises? Charlie wants to help him but his violent reactions frighten her...

English subtitles.

  • Directed by: Nathan Ambrosioni (France, 2018)
  • Cast: Noémie Merlant (Charlie), Guillaume Gouix (Vincent), Sébastien Houbani (Pierre), Jérôme Kircher (Jean), Alysson Paradis (Emma), Anne Loiret (the psychologist)
  • Genre: drama