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Les cousins

1 hr 44 min
Serious, hard-working Charles moves to Paris to complete his law studies, staying with his cousin Paul. Diletaunt and braggart, the latter doesn't hesitate to seduce Florence, impervious to all the efforts of his timid cousin to get close to her. Charles takes refuge in revising. He fails, but Paul passes...

Direction, screenplay: Claude Chabrol (France, 1958)
Cast: Gérard Blain (Charles), Jean-Claude Brialy (Paul), Juliette Mayniel (Florence), Claude Cerval (Clovis), Guy Decomble (le libraire), Stéphane Audran (Françoise), Geneviève Cluny (Geneviève), Michèle Méritz (Yvonne), Paul Bisciglia (Marc)
Genre: drama
Awards: Golden Bear (Berlinale 1959)