Les Arnaud

1 hr 30 min
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Aix-en-Provence. The judge Henri Arnaud has become friends with a law student, his namesake André Arnaud. The young man is going through a difficult time. The police suspect him of killing the conman who was blackmailing him. Having guessed what really happened, Judge Arnaud does everything to help his protégé...

Directed by: Léo Joannon (France, 1967)
Cast: Bourvil (Judge Henri Arnaud), Salvatore Adamo (André Arnaud), Christine Delaroche (Laëtitia), Marcelle Ranson (the judge's sister), Michel de Ré (Josseron), Suzanne Courtal, Gérard Croce, Martial Rèbe, Rémy Longa
Genre: drama