Le travail du castor

24 min
Available subtitles
Following a job interview, Éric is taken on and is now responsible for the meticulous and symmetrical filling of the shelves in a hypermarket. Although he finds the well-paid work satisfying for the first few days, he quickly realised that, in this store, there is neither logic nor real usefulness.

Direction, screenplay: Steed Cavalieri (France, 2019)
Cast: Arthur Choisnet (Éric, Mr Castor), Reda Cheraitia (Mr Renard), Marinelly Vaslon (Ms Coccinelle), Stéphane Grossi (Mr Furet), Pierre Cuq (Mr Ours), Rurik Sallé (Mr Serpent), Émilien Tessier (Mr Blendwerk)
Genre: comedy drama