Le soleil de trop près

1 hr 25 min
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Treated for schizophrenia, Basile leaves hospital to live with his sister Sarah, his only family and greatest support. Capricious, charismatic, but also very unstable, he aspires to a normal life. He finds a job, meets a young woman, Élodie, but hides his illness from these new people in his life...

Directed by: Brieuc Carnaille (France, 2021)
Screenplay by: Brieuc Carnaille, Clément Roussier
Cast: Clément Roussier (Basile), Marine Vacth (Sarah), Diane Rouxel (Élodie), Hakim Faris (Nassim), Léon Durieux (Léo), Corentin Fila (Ousmane)
Genre: drama