Le sens de la famille

1 hr 32 min
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A dysfunctional family wakes up one morning to discover they've all switched bodies.

One morning, the Morels discover they have a serious problem: everyone has woken up in the body of another member of the family! And, whilst the kids discover the joys of having the body of an adult, the regression is much more difficult to live with for the parents...

Directed by: Jean-Patrick Benes (France, 2020)
Cast: Franck Dubosc (Alain), Alexandra Lamy (Sophie), Christiane Millet (Thérèse), Rose de Kervenoaël (Chacha), Mathilde Roehrich (Valentine), Nils Othenin-Girard (Léo), Jackie Berroyer (Roger)
Genre: comedy
Awards: official selection (Alpe d'Huez 2021)