Le roi de coeur

Le roi de coeur

1 hr 38 min
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France, October 1918. Sent to Marville to disarm a German bomb that's about to explode. The British soldier Charles Plumpick discovers a town deserted by its population, except for those living in the local asylum. Heedless of the danger that threatens them, they turn the town into a vast playground!

Directed by: Philippe de Broca (France/Italy, 1966)
Cast: Alan Bates (Charles Plumpick), Geneviève Bujold (Coquelicot), Michel Serrault (Mr Marcel), Pierre Brasseur (General Géranium), Jean-Claude Brialy (the Duke de Trèfle), Françoise Christophe (the Duchess), Julien Guiomar (Monseigneur Marguerite), Micheline Presle (Mrs Églantine)
Genre: comedy