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Le rire de ma mère

1 hr 32 min
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11-year-old Adrien splits his time between his father Romain, a reassuring man, and his impetuous and hot-headed mother Gabrielle. But amid the drama around his family, Adrien overcomes his shyness to take to the stage and thus get closer to the girl he is in love with.

Directed by: Colombe Savignac, Pascal Ralite (France/Belgium, 2018)
Cast: Suzanne Clément (Marie), Pascal Demolon (Romain), Sabrina Seyvecou (Gabrielle), Igor Van Dessel (Adrien), Mathis Bour (Mathis), Salome Larouquie (Elsa), Carine May (Carine)
Genre: comedy drama
Awards: nominations (Stuttgart, FIFF Namur, Angoulême 2017)