Le portrait de Dorian Gray

Le portrait de Dorian Gray

1 hr 45 min
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London, 1886. The handsome Dorian Gray makes a wish, that his portrait should grow old instead of him. Time passes. Influenced by Lord Henri Wotton, he becomes cold, insensitive and cruel, but remains forever young-looking. Only the painting shows the signs of his ageing and decadence...

Directed by: Pierre Boutron (France, 1977)
Based on the novel by Oscar Wilde.
Cast: Patrice Alexsandre (Dorian Gray), Raymond Gérôme (Lord Henry Wotton), Marie-Hélène Breillat (Sybil Vane), Denis Manuel (Basil Hallward), Sacha Briquet (Hamlet), Jean-Claude Dreyfus (the preacher)
Genre: drama
Awards: selected out of competition (Cannes 1977)