Le nouveau

Le nouveau

1 hr 17 min
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Benoît's first week at his new school doesn't go as he'd hoped. He's bullied by Charles' gang of popular boys and the only students who are kind to him are nerds. Fortunately, he makes friends with Johanna, a pretty student from Sweden...

Direction, screenplay: Rudi Rosenberg (France, 2015)
Cast: Réphaël Ghrenassia (Benoît), Max Boublil (Greg), Joshua Raccah (Joshua), Géraldine Martineau (Aglaée), Guillaume Cloud Roussel (Constantin), Johanna Lindstedt (Johanna), Eytan Chiche (Charles), Gabriel Nahum (Gabriel), Ismaël Mandile (Ismaël)
Genre: comedy
Awards: nomination (Angoulême 2015)