Le mystère Henri Pick

1 hr 36 min
A manuscript found by chance in an obscure library in Brittany, a runaway success... For one literary critic the story is too good to be true! Convinced it's an imposture, Jean-Michel Rouche investigates and receives the unexpected help of the daughter of Henri Pick, the enigmatic author...

Directed by: Rémi Bezançon (France, 2018)
Cast: Alice Isaaz (Daphné Despero), Fabrice Luchini (Jean-Michel Rouche), Camille Cottin (Joséphine Pick), Bastien Bouillon (Frédéric Koskas), Hanna Shygulla (Ludmila Blavitsky), Josiane Stoléru (Madeleine Pick), Astrid Whettnall (Inès de Crécy), Marc Fraize (Jean-Pierre Gourvec)
Genre: comedy