Le guignolo

Le guignolo

1 hr 42 min
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In the plane taking him to Venice, Alexandre Dupré, a crook and art lover recently released from prison, is given a briefcase by a mysterious passenger. Dupré is unaware that it contains a lighter which itself holds a much-coveted microfilm. A horde of foreign spies is now on his trail.

Director: Georges Lautner (France/Italy, 1980)
Screenplay: Jean Herman, Michel Audiard
Cast: Jean-Paul Belmondo (Alexandre Dupré), Mirella D'Angelo (Sophie/Pamela), Michel Galabru (Achille Sureau), Carla Romanelli (Gina), Georges Géret (Joseph), Paolo Bonacelli (Kamal), Charles Gérard (Abdel Fahrad), Von Gretchen Shepard (Caroline, Agent X-22), Pierre Vernier (Helmut von Ofenburg)
Genre: comedy