Le grand chemin

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The award-winning 1986 French film Le grand chemin follows a young Parisian boy who spends the summer of 1959 in the French countryside of Brittany.  

Le grand chemin Film Synopsis

In the summer of 1959, 9-year-old Parisian boy Louis is left in the care of a countryside couple when his pregnant mother, Claire, is abandoned by her husband. Caught between the feuding pair Pelo (Bohringer) and Marcelle (Anémone), Louis has to learn about life the hard way.


He finds an unexpected ally in his charming and saucy young neighbor, Martine, who seems to know a great deal about the world, and particularly about the motivations that lead men to act in certain ways.

Genre:Dramatic comedy

Directed by: Jean-Loup Hubert

Starring: Anémone (Marcelle), Richard Bohringer (Pelo), Antoine Hubert (Louis), Vanessa Guedj (Martine), Pascale Roberts (Yvonne), Christine Pascal (Claire), Marie Matheron (Solange), and Raoul Billerey (the priest)

Country: France


Length:104 minutes

Awards: Georges de Beauregard Prize 1987, César 1988 for best actor (Richard Bohringer) and best actress (Anémone)

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