Le dossier 51

Le dossier 51

1 hr 44 min
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Dominique Auphal, diplomat, is under surveillance by the secret service who are hoping to find a vulnerable point in his apparently irreproachable life, in order to blackmail him. He becomes "Dossier 51". From that moment on, his private life is spied on, analysed, discussed...

Directed by: Michel Deville (France/Germany, 1978)
Based on the eponymous novel by Gilles Perrault.
Distribution : François Marthouret (Dominique Auphal), Roger Planchon (Esculape I), Patrick Chesnais (Hadès), Claude Marcault (Liliane Auphal), Isabelle Ganz (the temptress), Corinne Cleve (the disabled woman), Anne Pucnal (Sarah Robski)
Genre: drama