Le complot (cinema)

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In this French political thriller, get an inside look at some of the plots and intrigue surrounding the issue of Algerian independence. Le Complot features cinematic legends Jean Rochefort, Michel Bouquet, and Michel Duchaussoy.


It’s 1962 and the Évian Accords have just been signed to stop the war in Algeria and grant the former colony independence from France. A vocal minority in France disagrees with this decision of General Charles de Gaulle and will do everything within their powers to keep Algeria French.


In this historical film, Commander Dominique Clavet of the Organisation de l’Armée Secrète (“Secret Army Organization”) is sent to lead a commando unit with the goal of liberating sympathizer General Challe from the prison in Tulle where he is incarcerated. Chief Superintendent Lelong goes after these insurgents in an attempt to find out what they are planning and bring them to justice, all the while facing his own doubts at the complexity of the situation.


Genre: Political, Historical

Directed by: René Gainville

Written by: René Gainville and Jean Laborde

Starring: Jean Rochefort (Commander Dominique Clavet), Michel Bouquet (Chief Superintendent Lelong), and Michel Duchaussoy (Lieutenant Leblanc)

Country: France

Year: 1973

Length: 120 minutes


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