Le club Vinland

Le club Vinland

2 hr 5 min
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Quebec at the end of the 1940s. In a boys' secondary school, charismatic Brother Jean wants to simultaneously solve a historical puzzle, motivate his class and prevent Émile, a pupil in difficulty, from dropping out. The archaeological dig he begins with them will profoundly mark the life of the school...

Directed by: Benoît Pilon (Canada, 2020)
Cast: Sébastien Ricard (Brother Jean), Arnaud Vachon (Émile), Émilie Bibeau (Marguerite), Fabien Cloutier (Brother Lucien), Rémy Girard (Brother Léon), Alexis Guay (Chouinard), Xavier Huard (Brother Mathieu), François Papineau (Brother Cyprien), Alexandre Perreault (Jérôme), Xavier Rivard (François), Guy Thauvette (Brother Roséa)
Genre: drama
Awards: 3 prizes including Best Actor for Sébastien Ricard (2021 IRIS awards)