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Le cheval pâle

1 hr 30 min
Not recommended for under 10 years.
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The pale horse

It's said that the clairvoyant Sybille can kill at long distance by casting spells. All of this is believed by Marlène, who's come to buy a love potion from the said Sybille and who watches a strange mystical ceremony. However, Captain Laurence doesn't believe in crystal balls or unexplained murders.

Directed by: Olivier Panchot (season 2, France, 2015)
Screenplay: Sylvie Simon, based on Agatha Christie
Cast: Samuel Labarthe (Swan Laurence), Blandine Bellavoir (Alice Avril), Élodie Frenck (Marlène), Natacha Lindinger (docteur Maillol), Olivier Broche (Lucien Cornille), Thierry Hancisse (Eugène Dacosta), Valérie Dashwood (Sybille)
Genre: detective
Parental guidance: TV-PG