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Le beau Serge

1 hr 34 min
François lives in the city but after an illness he decides to return to the small village of Sardent, where he grew up, to recover. He discovers that his childhood friend Serge has taken to the bottle after the death of his handicapped first child. François is deeply disturbed by his friend's brutal treatment of his newly pregnant wife Yvonne.

Directed by: Claude Chabrol (France, 1958, black and white)
Cast: Gérard Blain (Serge), Jean-Claude Brialy (François), Bernadette Lafont (Marie), Michèle Meritz (Yvonne), Claude Cerval (the priest), Philippe de Broca (Jacques Rivette de la Chasuble), Claude Chabrol (la Truffe)
Genre: drama
Awards: Prize for Best Director (Locarno, 1958), Jean Vigo Prize (1959).