La rupture

La rupture

2 hr 4 min
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When Charles Régnier, sometime junkie, injures his young son Michel in a fit of rage, his wife Hélène becomes frightened and leaves him. Charles's father, a powerful industrialist who never accepted his son's marriage to Hélène, now does everything possible to win custody of his grandson...

Directed by: Claude Chabrol (France/Italy, 1970)
Based on the novel "The Balloon Man" by Charlotte Armstrong.
Cast: Stéphane Audran (Hélène), Marguerite Cassan (Émilie), Annie Cordy (Mrs Pinelli), Catherine Rouvel (Sonia), Margo Lion (1st Fate), Louise Chevalier (2nd Fate), Maria Michi (3rd Fate), Katia Romanoff (Élise), Michel Bouquet (Ludovic), Jean-Pierre Cassel (Paul)
Genre: drama