La nuit qui ne finit pas

La nuit qui ne finit pas

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Endless night

1971. Annie Gréco, first woman superintendent in France, takes up her position in Lille. Barely arrived, a murder is committed on a film set: the principal actor is found dead in his caravan. Gréco appoints the impulsive Max Beretta as her assistant and pairs him with a psychologist, Rose Bellecour.

Directed by: Nicolas Picard-Dreyfuss (season 3, France, 2020)
Screenplay, adaptation, dialogue: Flore Kosinetz, Hélène Lombard, based on the novel by Agatha Christie "Endless Night"
Cast: Arthur Dupont (Max Beretta), Émilie Gavois-Kahn (Annie Gréco), Chloé Chaudoye (Rose Bellecour), Quentin Baillot (Servan Legoff), Benoît Moret (Jacques Blum), Romane Portail (Anna Miller), Lionel Erdogan (Tom Marsan), Christèle Tual (Barbara Bellecour), Grégoire Oestermann (Arnaud Bellecour)
Genre: detective