La grande passion

La grande passion

1 hr 30 min
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A hymn to sport and to rugby in particular: taking the Toulouse team to the highest level, the Pyrenean Jean Espoey has to resist the advances of the terribly seductive Sonia de Blick and surmount the treachery of one of his players who manages to injure him during a match.

Directed by: André Hugon (France, silent, black and white, 1928)
Based on the novel "La Grande Passion" by Louis Gratias and Octave Léry.
Cast: Lil Dagover (Sonia de Blick), Rolla Norman (Jean Espoey), Patricia Allen (Ariette Busch), Paul Menant (Ritifat), Adolphe Jauréguy (captain of the French rugby team), Jean Delannoy (a rugby player)
Genre: history