La finale

1 hr 25 min
Available subtitles
JB's great day has almost arrived: he's about to play his basketball final in Paris! But his parents, unavailable that weekend, ask him to give up his dream and look after his grandfather Roland, who has started to lose his mind. JB decides to take him along as well...

Directed by: Robin Sykes (France, 2017)
Cast: Thierry Lhermitte (Roland Verdi), Rayane Bensetti (JB Soualem), Émilie Caen (Delphine Verdi-Soualem), Lyes Salem (Hicham Soualem), Cassiopée Mayance (Pénélope Soualem), Théo Christine (Olivier), Stanislas Stanic (Slobodan), Mark Grosy (Lucien), Philippe Rebbot (Claude)
Genre: comedy drama
Awards: nominations (Alpe d'Huez 2018)