La faute à Voltaire

La faute à Voltaire

2 hr 6 min
Not recommended for under 10 years.
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Like Candide dreaming of Eldorado, Jallel decides to try his luck in France. He meets an endless number of people, moves between various homes and associations and gets to know Paris' underprivileged. While he doesn't make his fortune, he discovers and experiences solidarity among the destitute.

Directed by: Abdellatif Kechiche (France, 2000)
Cast: Sami Bouajila (Jallel), Elodie Bouchez (Lucie), Bruno Lochet (Franck), Aure Atika (Nassera), Olivier Loustau (Antonio), Virginie Darmon (Leila), Mustapha Adouani (Mostfa)
Genre: comedy drama
Awards: Jury Special Prize (Namur, 2000), Award for a Debut Film (Venice Film Festival, 2000)
Parental guidance: TV-PG