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La dénonciation

1 hr 46 min
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Accused of murdering a far-right journalist, Michel can't bring himself to inform on the real killers, two former resistance fighters. Because Michel is haunted by his past and the memory of an interrogation 20 years earlier by the Gestapo, when he cracked.

Directed by: Jacques Doniol-Valcroze (France, 1961, black and white)
Cast: Maurice Ronet (Michel Jussieu), Françoise Brion (Elsa Jussieu), Nicole Berger (Éléonore Germain), Sacha Pitoëff (Captain Malferrer), Raymond Gérôme (Pierre Malet), Michael Lonsdale (Inspector Mercier), Jean-Claude Darnal (Jérôme Loineau), Gisèle Hauchecorne (Juliette)
Genre: drama
Awards: Silver Shell (San Sebastián 1962).