La collection

15 min
Paris, 1942, in the midst of the Occupation. Victor Gence, an unscrupulous dealer, divests Jewish families of their artworks, buying them at rock-bottom prices. One day, acting on information from a caretaker, he enters the flat occupied by Mr. Klein and his daughter, the apparent owners of a fabulous collection.

Directed by: Emmanuel Blanchard (France, 2017)
Screenplay: Emmanuel Blanchard, Thomas Kruithof, based on Stefan Zweig
Cast: Éric Génovèse (Victor Gence), Pauline Étienne (Élise), Jean-Claude carrière (Mr Klein), Michel Bompoil (Mr Ledermann), Marianne Merlo (Ms Ledermann), Sylvie Gravagna
Genre: drama
Awards: Prix Lacoste du Public (MyFrenchFilmFestival, France, 2019); official selection at the "Printemps français en Ukraine" (Ukraine, 2019)