L'éducation sentimentale

1 hr 31 min
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Having moved to Paris to carry out scientific research, Frédéric Moreau falls passionately in love with Ms Arnoux. With an unfaithful husband, the latter is not impervious to the young idealist's charms. But as they become closer, Catherine Dambreuse, secretly in love with her cousin, schemes to remove her rival...

Directed by: Alexandre Astruc (France/Italy/Germany, 1961, black and white)
Based on the novel by Gustave Flaubert.
Cast: Jean-Claude Brialy (Frédéric Moreau), Marie-José Nat (Anne Arnoux), Michel Auclair (Didier Arnoux), Dawn Addams (Catherine Dambreuse), Carla Marlier (Barbara), Pierre Dudan (Charles Dambreuse)
Genre: drama