Justice est faite

1 hr 42 min
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Elsa is on trial at the Versailles assize court for euthanasia, after killing her terminally ill husband. The seven jurors have to answer one essential question: did she kill him to alleviate his suffering, as she says, or out of personal interest, having fallen in love with another man?

Directed by: André Cayatte (France, 1950)
Cast: Michel Auclair (Serge Krémer), Antoine Balpêtré (the presiding judge), Claude Nollier (Elsa Lundenstein), Raymond Bussières (Félix Noblet), Jacques Castelot (Gilbert de Montesson), Jean Debucourt (Michel Caudron), Valentine Tessier (Marceline Micoulin), Jean-Pierre Grenier (Jean-Luc Flavier), Paul Frankeur (Jouvillon)
Genre: drama