Je n'ai rien oublié

1 hr 33 min
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Conrad has been the odd job man for the wealthy Senn family since time immemorial. But as his health begins to deteriorate, he starts to recount memories that don't quite tie in with the family's official history. Elvira, the matriarch, suddenly reveals a very aggressive side to her nature...

Directed by: Bruno Chiche (France, 2010)
Based on the novel « Small World » by Martin Suter.
Cast: Gérard Depardieu (Conrad), Alexandra Maria Lara (Simone), Niels Arestrup (Thomas), Nathalie Baye (Elisabeth), Yannick Renier (Philippe), Françoise Fabian (Elvira), Féodor Atkine (Scholler), Olivier Claverie (Dr. Cohen), Pascale Arbillot (Dr. Wirth), Anne Benoit (Nadia)
Genre: drama