Je me suis fait tout petit

1 hr 36 min
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There's nothing to keep Yvan in Paris. His wife has left him to live in Thailand. His daughters have chosen to live with his sister. But, ready to leave, his plans suddenly need a total rethink as the beautiful Emmanuelle arrives in his life, accompanied by Léo, his wife's son!

Directed by: Cécilia Rouaud (France, 2011)
Cast: Denis Ménochet (Yvan), Vanessa Paradis (Emmanuelle), Léa Drucker (Ariane), Laurent Lucas (Luc), Laurent Capelluto (Simon), Angèle Garnier (Manon), Louise Grinberg (Élise), David Varvalho-Jorge (Léo), Valérie Karsenti (Claire), Grégory Gadebois (the headmaster)
Genre: comedy