Hédi & Sarah

29 min
Available subtitles
Hédi is unable to accept his break-up with Sarah. Determined to win her back he keeps calling her, constantly. His refusal to take no for an answer soon crosses the boundary and clearly becomes harassment.

Direction, screenplay: Yohan Manca (France, 2017)
Cast: Judith Chemla (Sarah), Thomas Scimeca (Hédi), Sofian Khammes (Lahcen), Nanou Garcia (Agnès), Éric Véniard (Brice), Bénédicte Choisnet (Lucie), Paloma Coquant (Isa), Antonin Meyer-Esquerré (Vincent), Gabriel Tur (Benjamin), Mathilde Roehrich (Mathilde)
Genre: drama
Awards: Prize for the best short film by the French Union of Film Critics (France, 2017)